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Life's challenges can create new ways we become vulnerable to the stress and stretch of change. I view psychotherapy as a process of embracing that vulnerability in a safe and supportive environment, to build new skills to tackle change with the experience, wisdom, and bravery that already exists within you.

When we struggle in our relationships (whether intimate, family, friendships, or otherwise), it can feel isolating and lonely. We may start to blame ourselves, ask "what's wrong with me," or begin to lose hope for things to get better. Connection, intimacy, and understanding are some of the most essential building blocks of the human experience and I believe that creating a safe place within therapy to look more deeply at these parts of ourselves can uncover trauma, pain, and fear that sometimes prevent us and our relationships from growing to their full potential.

We will collaborate in finding solutions to help you develop new ways of connecting with yourself and with the important people in your life. I can help you to approach your challenges creatively and help you problem-solve, as well as find relief from isolation, anxiety, sadness, and anger.

With children, we may see behavior problems before we see what's going on emotionally, and I utilize many creative techniques through play and art to help a child express themselves more healthily and functionally. I specialize in helping children who are dealing with anxiety and trauma, but have extensive experience in utilizing play and art therapy to treat a variety of children's mental health challenges.

Teens/adolescents may find it difficult to express their feelings openly to the adults in their lives, and often need a neutral and safe environment to be able to find a balance of independent decision-making and seeking support from the people who care about them. I have found I am often able to establish a trusting relationship with teenagers who are resistant to counseling or therapy, and to provide support for parents who are concerned about their teens' emotional well-being and safety.

I have an extensive background in trauma-informed treatment throughout all life and developmental stages, as well as Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral therapies. I approach all therapy from a person-centered, strengths-based, individualized perspective. Every person's story is unique, and I will work to help you, your child or teen, or your family write the next chapter feeling happier, more aware, and more connected.



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